The National Student Film Festival

Since we’ve finished our AS Media Studies course and do not leave school for another 6 weeks, our class is being entered into a film competition named The National Student Film Festival. The competition comes with some guidelines which we must consider when creating our short film:

  • The film may be of any length of up to 10 minutes, but due to the short amount of time we will aim to keep ours to around 5 minutes.
  • The films can be any genre.
  • There must be some reference to ‘bath’, which can be taken in its broadest sense, and can either be visual or simply mentioned in this piece of film work.
  • The film must be completed and submitted by the 15th July.

I have decided to work with the same group as I did for my AS coursework, since we all live fairly locally to one another and can work together quite well.

We’ve been told to consider several aspects that may make our films look more professional, such as manipulating lighting, including symbolism in the narrative, including more risky shots to make the film look more interesting and far more ideas. Since we are not actually being marked on this project, as a group we’ve decided to that we’re going to take more risks and experiment with techniques and other effects.

We’ve considered a few plot ideas so far but haven’t decided on one that we’d be passionate in creating, however after our AS coursework, we learnt that our strengths were in the actual filming and editing of the story, and I think we are leaning towards making a film with a basic plot which looks cinematographically interesting. Contrastingly, we have also discussed making a comic film since our last one had quite a dark narrative.


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