Plot Idea

For The National Students Film Festival, we need to create a short, 5 minute film featuring the word/object/image ‘bath’. We played around with a couple of ideas, such as a bird bath or the actual place, Bath, but we thought instead of trying to be too different we should just include the obvious household bath. We had a few thoughts as to how we could include one, such as someone being murdered in the bath or just a shot of it in the bathroom, but since there were so many various ways to include a bath we decided to think of a plot and then make the bath fit.

Our first idea was to have a girl invite a smarter class member around to their house for some tutoring, however the girl has ulterior motives; she has a crush on the tutor and has invited them round to seduce them. We initially really liked this idea, but as we talked about it more and more we lost our passion so began to think up other plot ideas. We then thought up of a plot that had a similar story behind it, in that a woman invites a plumber round with the secret intention of seducing them. She would find his profile on a dating website and from this profile the woman will find out that he is a plumber. She then rings up his plumbing company and tells them her bath is broken, and specifically asks for the man to fix it. We then see her go and break her bath, which will help us fit into the film guidelines. She will then get dolled up and get changed into a more sultry outfit, and light candles in the kitchen. Then for the end, we had a few possible ideas and we still haven’t really narrowed it down. Either, we here the knock on the door and the shot fades to black so that the ending is ambiguous, or the wrong person shows up, or we see the plumber’s surprised reaction and it cuts to black.

We liked this idea much more than our initial one, as we thought it was more playful and we believed there was a lot more room to make it humorous.


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