Location scout

We decided to conduct a location scout before filming our film for the National Student’s Film Festival so that we could get to know our film set before the day of actual filming.  We thought it would be best to film at Megan’s house as it is a quirky cottage which will suit the main character of our film, and since our group member lives here we don’t need to arrange anything with the homeowners.


This is the front door where we will see the plumber knock on the front door.



The hall way is where we will film the tracking shot as the girl walks from the stairs to the kitchen.



The girl will walk down this staircase when she has changed her outfit for the plumbers arrival.



This is where we will film the bathroom scene where the girl breaks the bath. This shot was taken from the door of the room as an establishing shot which the girl will walk into.


This is the bath and the tap that the main character will break.


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