When it came to finding a date to film, we struggled greatly as we all work different times throughout the weekend and we thought that Megan’s house was too far away to film on more that one evening, so we asked the Head of Sixth Form if we could have a Wednesday afternoon  off school. He agreed with this so on Wednesday lunchtime we head off to Megan’s house with a car full of equipment. Megan and I arrived there first so we quickly put the camera on charge so that it wouldn’t run out during filming (we hoped!). We then took the half an hour between our arrival and Maddy and Vicky’s arrival to create the fake Facebook profile for our good looking Plumber. We waited until ay of filming to create this account since it was fake and didn’t want to cause any confusion, so that it would only be active as we would remove the account as soon as we were finished. We asked a friend of ours if we could use their photos, and then added them to the profile of the made up Darren Waters. We then added a few posts to the account to make it look less like it had been created on the day of filming, and also so that we could insure one of the posts would come up on Maddy’s Facebook News Feed. Once Maddy and Vicky replied, we logged on to Maddy’s account to check that Darren’s post could be found but unluckily, it couldn’t. So, we added Darren to Maddy’s favourites which ensured that his post would be near the top of her News Feed. Thankfully, this worked.

We noticed that the boom stick didn’t come with batteries and we didn’t have any to put into it, but this had also happened during our AS coursework so we knew that batteries weren’t essential since the Zoom H1 Handy Recorder recorded sound perfectly well and there wasn’t much dialogue in our film. In hindsight, it would’ve been helpful if we had planned what diegetic sound we needed to record, such as water running and doors closing so that we knew if we had forgotten anything, rather than just realising we should film a specific sound when we were recording that scene.

We then went on to filming our five minute Breaking Bath. We initially started off with filming the bathroom scenes but we decided that we ought to film in order to avoid confusion, so we quit filming in the bathroom and went to Megan’s Mum’s bedroom. We followed the shot list and storyboard that we had created, but once it came to filming we played around with camera angles and found different shots that looked better than the ones we had planned. We also hadn’t considered where to place the LED light in the bedroom and whether or not we would need it. We decided to have it on in all shots as it was very miserable outside and it made the shots look dark without the camera. However, we kept changing the intensity of the light and sometimes the light moved during filming, creating inconsistency in the brightness of the scene and sometimes Maddy’s shadow changed when filming. This is something we need to consider when filming our A2 coursework as the changing light intensity is difficult to consistently rectify during editing.

Our biggest struggle was filming the wardrobe shot with the camera inside the wardrobe. This was because there wasn’t room for someone to be inside the wardrobe with the camera to help position it and to ensure it was level. In order to film this shot, we had to press the record button, then position it and then film the scene. We then took the camera out of the wardrobe to see what the shot looked like and altered the legs and angle of the camera accordingly. This took about three attempts to get the wardrobe shot right but I think it definitely paid off in the end. I will consider including a shot like this in my A2 coursework, as it is pretty simple to create and looked very effective. This was the same for the shot of the fridge door opening which took a couple of attempts to get right.

We changed the plot of the film as we were undecided between having the plumber walk in without showing his face (to avoid having to find an older actor) or having an apprentice show up instead of Darren. We opted for the latter option as we thought it may begin to look like a pornographic/ sexual film if a man just showed up and walked into the house of a woman who had gotten dressed up for him in a short dress and heels. We also thought the ending would be less ambiguous if the apprentice showed up.

I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon of filming and I think it ran very smoothly. I look forward to the editing process and to seeing all of our hard work come together!




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