In our past experience, we always seem to get our editing finished quickly as we all work together and spend most of our free periods in the Media computer room. It went pretty smoothly this time, and our biggest problem was shots being too long that they started to drag a little. However, the all worked together very well and bounced off each other’s ideas to create the best film possible.

Our first problem was the light changing during each scene, and although we tried to use colour correction to cover this we couldn’t quite disguise the changing light completely. It looks unprofessional but it’s something that we’ll need to bare in mind when it comes to filming our A2 coursework. We played around with warmer looking filters to both hide the changing light and give a more jolly feel to the film, but it didn’t look quite right so we stuck with the normal lighting.

Once we had put everything in place, sticking to the shot list as closely as possible, we began to tweak the start and end of each shot to ensure the film ran as smoothly as possible and to include match on action where possible. However, after watching the film back a couple of times, we realised that the shots were a bit too long and the entire sequence of the girl getting ready got a bit boring about half way through. To rectify this, we had to cut the shots down and get rid of some which was difficult as most of them were essential to the process of her getting ready, and without some of these shots the chronology of the film would have been off. We were ruthless with the cutting as it needed to be much shorter, but through the use of transitions I think the film looks even better than it did before we cut some shots out. We also sped up the dolly shot a tiny bit and cut the start and end down so that it took up less time of the film, and used the cut away of the heart spinning to suggest the transition of time to ensure that our film wasn’t so long that it became boring.

There were also a few issues with consistency, such as in one shot there are no clothes on the bed, then after filming the wardrobe shot there are some of the clothes from the wardrobe spread across the bed. I feel this is due to poor planning and rushing as we didn’t consider that clothes would have to come out of the wardrobe and we didn’t tidy the room up back to its initial state after we had filmed that shot. This happened again with the shot of filling up the wine glasses, as we filmed a close up of the wine going into the glass, but we only had a close up of the second glass being filled. This wouldn’t have been a problem if we had any footage of the first glass being filled but we didn’t. Luckily this film wasn’t part of our course work and we have made this kind of mistake now, so we know to check our film footage more thoroughly throughout the day of filming, rather than when it comes to editing. We fixed the issue of a wine glass being magically already full by zooming in on the second, which worked well and looked like the extreme close up that we wanted. There was a similar issue with the fridge shot, in that there was a lot of clutter in the doorway which can just be seen over the top of the girls shoulder which isn’t there when they walk through the doorway in the final shot. Luckily, it isn’t noticeably the dolly equipment in the shot and just looks like some random household clutter. In the future, we need to be much more aware of what is in our shot and again, watch our clips regularly.

We had a big problem with finding the right music, for both the back ground track and the sultry music to play when the girl walks down the stairs. We spent probably about three lessons trying to find the perfect track; searching through Audio Network, Sound Cloud and other random sites that popped up during our Google searches. Finally on Audio Network, in the Fantasy genre, Vicky came across a really well fitted sultry song that was perfect for the girl walking down the stairs, as it was slow and luckily fitted the pace of her walking. We then spent quite a bit of time trying to find a background track for the first half of the film that was appropriate and didn’t stand out too much. We tried many tracks and eventually settled on another track from Audio Network. We then put the diegetic sound clips of doors closing etc over the top of this music and it began to fit the film more.

Unfortunately due to our tight deadline we didn’t even consider uploading our film regularly to document the editing process of our film, which is something we will ensure to do during our A2 coursework so that we can see how much our film has changed throughout editing.



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