Genre Ideas

To gather an idea for my film, I will consider the possible genres available to me and analyse whether or not I would feel passionate about creating a film within this genre.



An action film is typically what it sounds like; full of action. They usually feature ‘heros’ whose main role is to over come some sort of challenge, such as defeating a villain or saving the world.These humans possess qualities such as being greatly intelligent, strong and attractive. I feel like I would struggle to create an action film as the ones that already exist are frequently tentpole releases with big budgets and they often require a lot of special effects which I doubt I have the ability to recreate with my budget, time frame and experience.



Main plot elements include quests for lost continents, settings, or characters going on treasure hunts and heroic journeys for the unknown. Again, I feel like I may struggle to create an adventure film as I have a limited time frame and very few desirable destinations that are local to me which I could easily get to. However, I could take qualities of an adventure film, such as a kind of exploration that happens in local woods or beaches.



Also quite an obvious one, the film needs to feature some kind of humorous element. Now, since everyone’s sense of humour varies so much, different comedy films have different aspects that different people find funny. I feel like a comedy film would be difficult to pull off well due to this fact and that it may be a bit risky as there’s a large chance that maybe the examiner marking my coursework may not have exactly the same sense of humour as someone my age. Even with market research into what other ages find funny there may still be some risk involved.


Dramas are a more serious genre of films showing realistic characters, settings and situations. They don’t usually include many special effects and aren’t often based on action (of course the two overlap sometimes), thus making this seem the most easily creatable film genre; as clearly I have access to realistic people, settings and situations.

Horror films:


Horror films are created to frighten the audience and play on our fears by featuring supernatural monsters or gruesome experiences. I don’t intend on creating a horror film due to the same reasons as a comedy, everyone finds different things scary. However this time, I will need to create unrealistic life events in order to scare the audience which may not always turn out as effectives as I’d initially planned.

Thriller films:

Thriller films use the manipulation of tense atmospheres to captivate the audience and generally keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Usually, thrillers can be linked to crime and horror films to drive the plot further towards a dramatic climax, where usually any hidden information is finally revealed.



Science fiction films deal with a great number of things based on depictions of phenomena that are not fully accepted by mainstream science, including aliens, time travel, robots etc. I feel like if I were to create a film within this genre, I would need to spend a huge amount of time in post production in order to create these out of the ordinary phenomena, regardless of the fact that I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Historical films and Western:


As with the title, these films are either set in the past or in the wild west and deal with the social and political issues of these settings. My biggest issue with producing a film within these genres is that a huge deal of effort would need to be put into ensuring that no modern day equipment or clothing are featured in my film, not to mention creating realistic looking settings.

Through my analysis of each genre idea, I have decided that a drama would be the most appropriate genre to fit my film into. I liked the idea of thriller however my AS coursework was a thriller theme and I’d like to experiment a little as a drama film would be completely different.



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