Film Ideas

It’s always a struggle to come up with a film idea right on the spot and this coursework is no exception. After racking my brains and looking everywhere in my daily life for inspiration I couldn’t come up with anything.

However, since being told about our coursework brief I’ve come up with a few ideas that I might be able to churn into a short film, but these are just seeds of ideas and will need a lot more thought before I’ll be anywhere near a final plot. Here are a few snippets of my thoughts:

  • The journey of a penny: The film follows the journey of a penny (a pound) as it is exchanged by people in their daily lives. This could feature someone giving money to a homeless person, who then pays for something in the shop and then the shop uses the money given to them by the homeless person to pay someone’s wages etc. The journey follows this coin until it exchanges hands to the point were it comes back to the first character at the start of the short film. Since there wouldn’t be much of a narrative to the film, I would have to work very hard in making it cinematically beautiful which is something that I’d really enjoy working on. Also, the characters would need to be really interesting in order for people to want to continue to watch the duration of the film. However, I think I could make this work quite well.
  • The allotment: The film follows an elderly gentleman who is loved by all and is generally a very friendly gentleman. He is known for always being very attentive to his allotment and he’s always seen down there, just watching over his plants. After building up the friendly character of this man, a walker and his dog are travelling through the allotment one evening and the dog stops to sniff. The walker tries to pull the dog away but it continues to sniff and untimatley begins to dig into this mans allotment. The elderly gentleman is distraught and the audience feels very empathetic towards him. It is then revealed that the elderly man has a dead body buried under his allotment thus his reasons for taking such care of it. I don’t really feel very passionate about this idea and it’d be difficult to create my coursework without some drive towards it.
  • Squatters rights: The film would depict an elderly woman living on her own in a large house. She would begin to notice strange things every so often, such as litter about the place and noises at night; this causes her a great deal of discomfort. Since she is elderly, she is moved into her home as her family thought that the noises could be a symptom of her old age and once she has left her home the audience sees that there has been a squatter living in her home with her, unbeknown to the old lady. Again, I’m not really sure how I could develop this idea into a really interesting short film and I feel I might struggle to make it different to other thriller films with similar plotlines.
  • Blind sight: The main character of this short film would be a teenage girl around 17 or 18, who finds out that she is rapidly loosing her eyesight and will become blind within a matter of months. She is afraid to tell her mother since she doesn’t want her to worry and put her life on hold to deal with her daughters issue; so the protagonist learns to cope with no sight before she looses it completely. The film shows her walking around the house blindfolded, learning to type without looking at the keys and other activities in her everyday life that would usually require sight. I quite like the idea of this and I think there’s quite a bit of room to develop it into something that’s a bit different.

Out of all the basic ideas I’ve had, I think I’ll try and develop my final idea into a detailed plot and see where I can take this as I feel quite excited by this idea.


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