2nd Draft Plot

The film starts with scenic shots of fruit and veg plants in an allotment and people tending to their gardens, the music is light and happy. It then cuts to a friendly looking man, watering his plants with close ups on the water falling onto the ground. We see him converse with people walking by and we get the general idea that he is known and liked by all. As the film progresses, there is a growing sense that the man is slightly obsessive about his allotment and can become anxious whenever anyone simply walks by it. We get the impression that he is always there, and maybe possibly sleeps in a shed near his allotment. One day, a walker and his dog passes by the allotment and the dog starts sniffing/digging at his land, the elderly man gets very angry about this and we see an incredibly aggressive and scary side to him that the audience wouldn’t expect. After the man and his dog leave, we see the elderly man get his gardening equipment from the shed and begin to smooth over the patch from the dog, to which out of focus there is a finger or some other body part/piece of clothing only just slightly. The camera then cuts back to the man again at the allotment at dusk, when a younger person walks past and litters on the allotment, where we see the same amount of rage that he showed towards the dog. The young person answers back and the old man strikes him with a shovel and drags him into his shed. At night we see the man digging up his allotment and then the screen cuts to black.


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