Draft Plot

The film will begin with a blurred shot from the point of view of the protagonist with the radio playing, facing out or a car window. There will then be a low level shot of a car pulling up into a car park, and we see the main characters feet as she steps out the door. The camera follows her into a GP or hospital, showing the sign so the setting is established. The camera will then cut back to a shot of an older woman, presumably the girls mother sitting in the car looking anxious. The girl comes back into the car looking upset but tells her mother that there was nothing to worry about and that she isn’t ill, to which the camera cuts to her shoving a leaflet into her pocket from the doctors. Once they get home, the girl runs up to her room to read the leaflet she was given, which reveals the title which basically explains that the girl is loosing her sight rapidly. The camera could come into focus during this shot, showing the girls initial struggle to read this. She then gets her laptop and begins to write a blog explaining how she is going to learn to cope with being blind on her own, rather than asking for support from her mum as she doesn’t want her to worry. We will see her typing the blog over the top of the film as underneath this the film will show the girl learning to move around her house blindfolded and teaching herself brail and maybe some other everyday things that require vision. The film will then develop more of an upbeat tone, repeatedly showing her progressively getting better at these activities and maybe occasionally showing the film from her point of view so that the audience can understand how poor her vision is getting. At the end of the film, we hear her alarm go off and again the camera is from her point of view, however we see that now she has become completely blind with maybe a ringing tone over the background to show the girls panic and the tone of the film becomes more solemn again. She then shouts for her mum, and the camera cuts to black.

I’m going to look into the way Wes Anderson shoots his films, as I really like the tone of The Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr Fox and think it may make the film look a bit more quirky. The film will be in the Drama genre, as these films tend to feature real life people in real life situations, and although this may not necessarily happen in real life I think it would suit this genre best.


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