Market Research

In order to create my film package so that in a real life situation it would be marketable and would have a wide fan base, I will need to produce my film with a target audience in mind. In order to do this, I will conduct a market research questionnaire to gather which age group and gender find thriller films most interesting and why, so that I can produce my film with their expectations in mind.

The questionnaire will consist of the following questions:

  1. What gender are you? I will ask this question so that I can begin to understand whether there is a divide in gender regarding the popularity of thriller films.
  2. How old are you? This question will help me to understand what different age groups expect from thriller films.
  3. Do you enjoy watching thriller films? Why? This question will help me determine what features I should or should not include in my film in order to create the largest possible audience.
  4. What would you expect to see in a thriller film? I will ask this question so that I can ensure my film fits into the thriller genre and appeals to the audience who is expecting a typical thriller film.
  5. What is your favourite thriller? Why? So that I can watch this film and also other films by the director to widen my understanding of thriller films, and by asking why I can consider including these features in my film.
  6. What draws you into watching a film? (The trailer, the poster or a film review) This question will be helpful when coming to create the film package so that I can focus my priorities on what draws in the audience.
  7. Is there a noticeable difference between British thrillers (Harry Brown, The Woman in Black, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) and American thrillers (The Sixth Sense, I am Legend, Jurassic Park)? This question will be helpful because my film will obviously be a British thriller, and thus if there is an obvious difference I will need to make a conscious effort not to include traits only found in American thrillers.

Although this questionnaire is only short, I feel it covers the areas where a specific target audience would be necessary to bare in mind. I will create an online survey so that people can easily answer the questions and I can quickly see their results.

Here is the questionnaire I produced:


I will wait until several people have responded, I will also ask my friends and family to complete the questionnaire so that I can begin analysing the results as soon as possible.


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