Market Research Results





From these here questions, it is apparent that there is a wide variety of ages and an equal spread of the genders who enjoy thriller films, meaning that the target audience it very broad, being both males and females in the 18 to 50 year old category.

When asked why they do or don’t enjoy thriller films, these were their answers:

  • They have interesting plots.
  • They create a good atmosphere.
  • They like the excitement.
  • They can be quite repetitive.
  • They are interesting to watch.
  • Sometimes they can be quite scary.
  • They like the suspense these films create.

From this question, I have been able to understand that the biggest appeal about thriller films is the suspense that the plot of the film create. However, I will need to ensure that the twist at the end isn’t obvious or it may become another ‘repetitive’ thriller film.

When asked what they expect to see in a thriller film, these were their answers:

  • A big twist at the end where everything is revealed.
  • The film makes you sit on the edge of your seat.
  • It includes tense moments.
  • The film has a twist at the end.
  • It includes a lot of action.
  • It has a plot twist.
  • It may include some sort of murder and suspense is built.

I will ensure than my film utilises daunting music and dark colour schemes to help build up the tension that the responders expect to see in thriller films.

When asked what their favourite thriller films were and why, they replied:

  • Gone Girl because of the twist at the end.
  • Pulp Fin because it has a good plot and lots of action.
  • Silence of the Lambs because it is full of tense moments.
  • Dark Skies as it has a psychological plot twist.
  • Old boy as it has a lot of action.
  • Inception because of the complex plot.
  • Shutter Island because it has an interesting plot.

I have already watched several of these films and they all tend to include a big plot revelation at the end, particularly Gone Girl and Shutter Island. I will include a twist like these films at the end in order to show the features of thriller films which attracts the largest audience.


From this question, it is clear that I will need to create a very detailed film review as more people use these to help decide which film to watch rather than the poster of the film, possibly as it generally has more description in it. However, I will still need to make my poster to a high standard as that would usually be the way of choosing a film on online mediums such as Netflix and Sky Movies.

When asked if there was a notable difference between British and American thrillers, this is what they answered:

  • No, they all seem to have a similar structure (a mystery is revealed at the end).
  • Yes, British films are darker.
  • Yes, American thrillers can be more corny and British thrillers are more gritty.
  • Yes, British films are more gritty than American.
  • No, they both have stereotypical features.
  • Yes, the settings and accents are different.
  • Yes, the locations and accents differ and British thrillers tend to be more realistic.

From this question, it is clear that my film wed to be quite ‘gritty’ order to fit it into the British thriller genre. A gritty film shows the raw emotions of a character and can be related to the realism genre, meaning that it shows everyday people in every day situations.

I have found that conducting this survey has been very helpful as I can now create a thriller film that will appeal to a wide audience.








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