My Pitch

In todays media lesson, we went around the class and we all described the ideas for our film. I have decided to go with the allotment idea as I feel as though it has the biggest scope for interesting camera techniques. I decided to just describe my pitch off the top off my head as I knew my idea completely, however in hindsight I wish I had prepared since my nerves meant that I rushed it and missed out any explanation of camera techniques.

Although I visibly don’t seem confident, I think I managed to get across my basic idea without it being boring to the audience.

There was limited feedback on my pitch today which I suppose means that I’ve got quite a solid idea which is something I’m very happy about. I was told that there ought to be a bigger reason for the elderly man to kill the young boy, as that would be a very unrealistic over reaction. It was then suggested that maybe the boy repeatedly vandalises or litters on the old mans allotment and the man becomes progressively more angry towards the boy the more he misbehaves and then one day he’s pushed over the edge. Secondly, it was also mentioned that it may be difficult to find an actor that can get very angry on camera and it still be convincing, so I considered other ways around this and decided that maybe the man could have a severe panic attack whenever somebody comes near his allotment and that when he comes to kill the boy, he is in a complete state of panic and isn’t actually aware of his actions. So instead of anger it’ll be more of an anxiety which is something I’ll need to research into in order to make my film as realistic as possible. This was all of the feedback I received from my pitch and I found it quite helpful as now I can respond to this and ensure that my film is as realistic and believable as possible.



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