Genre Research – Thriller

I have decided to re watch A Good Marriage since it follows a similar structure to the idea of my film, in the sense that everything starts off seeming normal and happy, which turns into quite a dark twist.

The plot is as follows:

The film is about a happily married couple (Bob and Darcy) and begins the story at the celebration of their 25th year anniversary. One weekend the husband goes on a work trip so his wife is home alone at the weekend, and whilst watching television she comes across a news story about a serial killer who goes by the name of Beadie; who tends to keep the driving licences of his victims so that he can later send them to the police as a way for them to acknowledge that he was responsible for the murders. Later that evening the television remote runs out of battery so Darcy goes to the garage to get some new ones. However, whilst looking for these batteries she comes across a small box made by one of their children for Bob, and when she comes to open it she discoveres the driving licence of the woman who was on the news that very morning. Obviously Bob (or Beadie) was very meticulous about his serial killer stash, and notices that the rubber bands that held the licences together was wrapped differently to how he usually does, so he realises that his wife now knows his secret. Through the film we see Bobs manipulative and controlling nature, and he tells Darcy that she’d effectively ruin her and her children’s lives if she reveals Beadies identity to the police so she agrees to keep it quite. Eventually, she decides she can’t live with the guilt of this huge secret again so instead of coming clean, she decides to get Bob drunk, push him down the stairs and then suffocates him until he dies. So at least through this method their children still see him as the loving man he always was and poor Darcy doesn’t have to share the bed with a serial killer.

There are lots of elements to this film which I could utilise, as there were times where it wasn’t clear whether the scene was actually taking place or just in Darcy’s imagination, which I could feature in my film to show how the elderly man overreacts to when anyone comes into contact with his allotment. This is done by acting out a scene and then cutting back to the start of the scene, and showing the actor react to that happened in the imaginary scene. This could be effective to show the mans frustration and his anxiety towards the secret buried under his plants. The film also features many canted angles and simply shots filmed from odd places to enforce the sense of disorientation, which I could feature in my film to suggest the elderly mans panic towards the dog walker.

Through watching a thriller film, I have been able to understand how they build up tension just as I wish to create tension in my short film when the audience realises that the elderly man isn’t all who he seems to be. Also by watching this film, I have been able to see how a sinister side to a character is revealed after building up the illusion that they are generally friendly.


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