Finalised Plot

The film begins with scenic shots of plants being watered, leaves blowing in the wind and windmills turning in between plants. This is intercut with shots of newspaper clippings and rosettes for competitions won by our main character for his award winning plants, and we possibly see him washing the windows of the shed on his allotment. As people walk by, they stop and chat to our elderly protagonist and we get the impression that he is a genuinely friendly man and is known by all around him. Whilst he is chatting to passers by, we see him become increasingly nervous if anyone touches his plants, a woman asks to try some of his fruit and he is shown to become quite anxious about this. As the film progresses, we get the impression that he spends quite a lot of time here and is very obsessive about his allotment. On a very grey and miserable looking day (enhanced in post production) we see a man and his dog walk by. The dog stops and sniffs at his allotment and begins to start digging into the mud. We see the elderly man become very nervous, his brow is sweating, heart racing and his eyes twitching. He then begins to shout and the sound of the film is cut and replaced by a high monotone ringing and the screen blurred, suggesting a fit of uncontrollable mania. When the sound returns, the man and his dog are scurrying away and anyone who is at the allotment is starring at him. Flustered, he walks into his shed to retrieve the tools to cover over the burrowed land. As the kneels down over his shoulder we see a very muddy finger sticking out of the ground, a focus pull will draw attention to it. There will then be a graphic match of the boys finger picking at the old mans fruit. The man asks him to leave and the boy refuses to do so. Instead, he takes a handful of the fruit and continues to harass the old man. By the time it gets dark the boy eventually turns to leave after a while of verbally torturing the old man, he throws a drinks can over his shoulder which lands in the centre of his allotment. Again, the mans brow begins to sweat and he becomes very nervous. With the same high ringing, the man picks up his shovel and swings it. The screen goes to black with a loud bang. As the picture comes back, we see a shot of the elderly man digging a large hole in his allotment with a body laying by the side of him. Once more, the screen fades to black.


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