Script Research

In order to create a professional looking and well structured script, I will need to research what the scripts of already published films look like. Through doing this, I will be able to create a similar script, ensuring that it contains all of the necessary elements.

I typed into Google ‘how to type a script’. This was the first result that stood out:


I found this really helpful as the annotation allowed me to see the reasons for featuring each aspect, and to understand what is generically included in film scripts. It also enabled me to realise that certain things are included which I wouldn’t have expected to see, such as transitions and scene headings, as I thought the script was simply so that the actors know what to do and say, but it now seems that it is a basic guideline for anyone involved in the production of the film.

I then looked at another, more famous film script to see if the style varied or not. I looked at the script for Silence of The Lambs, as it is a thriller film and I thought it would be useful to look at scripts from the same genre as the film I will produce in case there is an underlying feature that is included in all thriller scripts. I then annotated this script myself with similar annotations from the example I found.


From this, it is clear that the features identified can be found in multiple scripts, and by including these in my own film script I will be able to create a professional film script.


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