Script Writing

I have decided to use a script writing website in order to produce my script so that it looks more professional than it would if I produced it on Microsoft word. I have chosen to use Writer Duet as I am familiar with the layout and how to use it as my group last year used it to create the script for our coursework. It’s benefits are that  a lot of the generic features of a script can be easily achieved by just pressing the buttons at the top. So if I wanted the dialogue to look as it does in the other two scripts I researched, I would simply press the character button which would place the name in the centre and capitalise it, and then press enter and the dialogue section will highlight so I can easily write in the speech.

In order to present how realistic the scripts written in writer duet are, I quickly typed out the first page of The Silence of the Lambs script that I researched:


As you can see, both scripts look very similar and that through using Writer Duet I can be sure that my script will be set out as a typical script is, and that it includes everything that it ought to.



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