Animated Storyboards

I chose to take the storyboard pictures that I drew initially and upload them into Final Cut so that I can begin to get a sense of what the finished film will look like when the shots are put into sequence. I added similar music to the kind I wished to include so that the whole style of the film would be a little more clear. I had initially planned to create the animated storyboards to the length of my film, but as several of the shots can be long at times it began to get a little boring. So I decided to just focus on the music and just piecing together my ideas for the film.

Through doing this, I have realised that I will need to film a lot more shots to fill the five minutes without it being full of very long and boring shots. I will film a longer sequence of the man tending to his garden in the middle bit, and possibly in a montage form to show the amount of time he dedicates to his allotment. Ultimately, I can see my film coming together but it still has a little bit to come before it will be completely ready to shoot.


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