Thriller Poster Research

In order to create an authentic looking film poster, I will research into multiple film posters in the thriller genre and look out for recurring themes.


Through conducting this research into film posters I have been able to spot a few recurring themes. For instance,

  • The title of the film is written in a large and obvious style which is almost always central in the film poster. This helps to draw attention to the poster and so everyone knows what the film is.
  • The name of the main actors are featured on the poster in a smaller font than the title but are still noticeable. This is so their fans will know that they are a part of the film and may possibly be more inclined to watch it.
  • The picture in the background featured at least one of the main characters in a setting or situation which is relevant to the plot of the film.
  • The director of the film is shown on the poster in a large font, as if audiences liked their previous work they may be drawn to watching this film.
  • There may be a tagline for the film or a quote from a newspaper review, but this isn’t necessarily always on film posters.
  • The writing at the bottom is a necessity, and I will do further research into what is specifically included in these and why.

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