Script Writing

The title page button on Writer Duet allowed me to easily create a professional looking front page, just following the layout already provided. I removed the address, email and phone number section as I don’t intend on sending my script to people for advice without my presence. If I do chose to do this, I will print off a new title page with my details on.


This is page one, I haven’t made any changes to it yet because I’m waiting for feedback from my peers. Once I have heard what works and does not work, I will make the changes to my script so that my film script is as clear and interesting as possible.


I added an over the shoulder shot type to my script rather than including it in the action, to make it clear to the reader what kind of shot this is to avoid any confusion.


In this page, I added some lines from the woman walking her dog, to enforce how friendly the main character appears to be towards the people from the allotment, thus creating a greater contrast when he gets angry with people for touching his allotment.


I will now ask my peers and family of different ages to read through my script, to understand whether or not they would be interested in watching this film and how I can improve it.


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