I will need to research into what typically the aged actors in my film would wear so that my film looks as realistic as possible. This will be based on what these actors may usually wear since clearly they are of this age range, but also I will research into what people in their social class etc would wear and try and consider the kind of outfit that would suit the actor best.


For the role of Andy, I will need some clothes that would be commonly found on people who regularly tend to their allotments. To understand this, I googled people tending to their allotment, which came up with a lot of pictures like this:


From this picture, there doesn’t seem to be anything that stands out from their clothing apart from the fact that they look comfortable and not particularly fancy. To make sure Andy looks true to character, I will ask him to wear his own work clothes; consisting of a pair of tracksuit bottoms which allow free movement, a fleece to keep him warm and a beanie hat to make his appearance as a gardener more authentic.

Eileen and Mike

Eileen and Mike are also portraying the characters of gardener and therefore will also need to dress similarly to those in the photograph. To do this, Mike will be wearing comfortable jeans and a coat, so that he looks appropriately dressed for spending time outdoors. Eileen will be wearing similar clothing, jeans, a fleece and trainers to ensure that she looks like a genuine gardener.


Helen will be sat at home waiting for Andrew to return late at night, and therefore it seems appropriate for her to be wearing pyjamas, to enforce how late she’d been waiting up for Andy to return. Helen will be wearing a pair of grey pyjamas with a dressing gown that she already owns. I feel like this will enforce her place in the home but also how long she has been waiting for her husband to return.



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