Script V2

GreenFingers (1) 7.jpegGreenFingers (1) 8.jpegGreenFingers (1) 9.jpegGreenFingers (1) 10.jpegGreenFingers (1) 11.jpegGreenFingers (1) 12.jpeg

I feel like this version of my script it much more clear and easier to follow.

Writer duet offers a feature in which the script is read through by a computerised voice. I found this feature really helpful as I was able to understand how the script would sound out loud. I then uploaded this file into the animated storyboard I created earlier, and substituted the music already in the Final Cut project with the read through sound file.

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 14.54.15.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 14.55.04.png

I then ensured that everything matched up and inserted transitions to make my film look as realistic as possible. I also added preliminary titles at the start and credits at the end, to gage how long my film will be. Through doing this, the running time is around four minutes. My short film needs to be closer to five minutes, but I am not worried about this minute as I will be able to include cut aways and really retailed shots to ensure that my film is the required timing.

I found this activity really helpful and I now have a clear understanding as to how my script will play out on screen.


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