‘Cutaway Inserts of Nature’

From the research I did into the style of Terrence Malick, I found that he frequently includes shots of nature and people interacting with nature in a romantic way. To get a sense of how he does it, I watched a few videos that feature this style of work.

This video seems to be a compilation of the cutaway inserts of nature shown in his films. All of these shots portray mans relationship with nature, and surprisingly a lot of these shots are moving in a way that seems only creatable by a handheld camera. I initially though that they were all just still images of the wind blowing through plants, but this is really seemingly a minor feature. When I come to film my ‘cutaway inserts of nature’ I will try and include some moving shots, even if they are filmed using the Steadicam just to make them a little more stable. I will practice this style of work to see whether or not I can recreate it in a way that looks effective so that I don’t waste time on my day of filming.

I also came across this video which was created in the style of Malick:

This video has a lot in common with the first in the style of shots used, as some are moving and some shots filmed in the ‘magic hour’ giving it a really romantic and beautiful look.

From my research, I also found that Malick features close ups of hands occasionally throughout his films. This would work well with the cutaway inserts of nature as I could show hands running through leaves etc, combining the two Malick styles.

There is also something to be said about the music that accompanies both of these videos. They both seem to be quite classic scores with a distinct style, that without any knowledge in music I struggle do describe. The music seems to build up into something almost monumental towards the end of the video, creating a sense of the power of nature and the beauty in it. I will definitely include a score like this as it seems to be typical to Malick films and I really like its effect when accompanied with the theme of nature. I think a piece of music like this at the start of my film will create a sense of happiness and joy that I really want to portray in the first part of my film, especially the opening sequence which will show close ups of leaves blowing in the wind and other shots of nature.

This is my attempt at a Malick style piece of filming:

Surprisingly, this piece lasts quite a long time which may conveniently help the fact that my script read aloud is a minute short of the set time. I really like the effect of this and will definitely include something like this in my short film. With the music choice, I believe this captures the work of Terrence Malick quite well.


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