Creating a Sense of Panic

When watching television the other evening, I came across an interesting shot which creates the sense of distortion and panic that I wished to portray in my short film.

When speaking to my media teacher, he told me that this was initially a piece of camera work taken from Mean Streets. However this is to portray a different sense, and instead of distorted and panicky, the actor is to appear drunk:

This will have been created by having a camera attached to the actors body, facing them so that it moved as they moved thus keeping the actor central to the shot.

Here is my own attempt at this scene:

All I did was film myself using a ‘selfie stick’ as suggested by my Media teacher, and blur out the corners of the shot to create a blurred and distorted sense.

I don’t feel like it is all that effective, but this may be due to my lack of acting skills, and may look far better with someone who is trying to look panicked. I will try out this technique on the day of filming as it may help enhance the look of my film.



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