Shooting Schedule

A shooting schedule is created to make the filming of any project much more efficient, as the crew will have a clear, step-by-step list of what to film and in which order. The shooting schedule will also work well with the story boards, to give a clear representation of what is said on the schedule.

To help with the creation of my very own shooting schedule, I researched the shooting schedule from a film that had already been produced to understand what a professional schedule looks like:


The schedule is taken from a horror film named I Have Never. As you can see, the shooting schedule is very detailed to make the filming much easier, and so that everyone on set knows where to be and what to do.

The schedule featured the set up, meaning the actual scenery that this shot is filmed in. The scene number which will coordinate with the script and storyboard, and the number of the shots that will be taken. There is then a brief description of the setting and the action that is taking place. The cast and crew is named so that it is known to everyone who is to be on set that day, to ensure no one is missing. Props, costume and makeup is also listed to make sure that everything is available on they day of shooting. The sound is then listed, followed by any extra notes to help make the shooting schedule as clear as possible.

I will create a schedule similar to this one as I feel that it has a very clear layout and everything makes sense. However I will leave the sound and duration columns blank, as I am not sure how long I will need to make each shot last until post production, as things are likely to change depending on the shots I take.

This is the schedule I created on Microsoft Word.




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