Editing (2)

After going through my new footage, I am far more confident with how my day of filming turned out. To begin the editing process, I imported all of my footage into Final Cut Pro X as I did in the previous video.

I then started cutting down each shot to the desired length and so that they coordinated with the storyboards I had produced. I then put them into the Final Cut timeline in the order I had planned them to be in. There are two ways of creating the initial film, either by roughly cutting each shot and dragging them into the timeline, or cutting each shot exactly how it will appear in the film and then adding it to the time line. I chose the latter option, as although it takes longer to film, it means I can begin to get a feel for my film as it is created.



There were situations where some shots weren’t useable at the start or end of filming, which meant that they couldn’t be used. Luckily, I had filmed more that one shot of each bit of action from different angles, meaning I could create match on action which if anything adds to the continuity of my film.

After Andy pushes the man over, I realised I hadn’t filmed him standing back up again and that this really affects the continuity. Luckily, I filmed a shot which looked like Andy was talking to the man whilst he was still on the floor which helped the situation a little. I then chose to add a fade in after this to move onto the next section of the film, as I felt it would look quite boring if a lot of my film was filled with the man walking up and down the allotment.


I then inserted the music I had found when doing music research, as I felt that it was quite jolly and really suited the theme of my film. Once inserted, I lined up the cuts at the start of my film with the beat of the music to ensure that the pace flowed nicely. After that, I added in any sound I had recorded. I plan to re-record the diegetic sounds such as water pouring and the noise of tools banging together. So far, I would say my film is pretty much all together, apart from the final part which I am yet to film.


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