Editing (3) – Building Pace

After putting my clips in the order of the storyboards and cutting them down to ensure my film runs smoothly, I started playing around with the part of my film where the dog finds the finger. To do this, I added a black screen in between multiple shots of the dog digging to help speed up the pace, as a high frequency of shots tends to build tension.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 10.58.32.png

Heres how it turned out:

I’m really unhappy with the effect and I don’t really think it builds up the pace at all. This may be due to the case that the black screen lasts too long and therefore just breaks up the film rather than serving any purpose to build up the plot. I’ll have to go back and consider how to make this part of my film seem more dramatic and tense to really show the mans anger towards the dog.


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