Age Rating Certificates

  • Universal certificate The film is suitable for all ages and is suitable for anyone aged over four years.
  • Parental guidance Some scenes may be unsuitable for young children but is safe for children over eight years. These films may contain infrequent mild language and possibly references to sex/drugs. The film may contain violence but it will be justified by the plot.
  • 12A These films aren’t suitable for young children. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult to be permitted to see this film, but it is unlikely to be suitable for them. These films can contain mature themes, discrimination, soft drugs, moderate language which may be stronger based on the context and frequency of use, and violence. Sexual activity may be briefly and discretely shown, and sexual violence may be briefly implied or indicated.
  • 12 certificate These have similar guidelines to the 12A films.
  • 15 certificate No one younger than 15 is permitted to view this film. These films can contain adult themes, hard drugs, frequent strong language and strong violence. Strong sexual references, and nudity without graphic detail may also be shown.
  • 18 certificate Films in this category don’t have a limit to the language that is used. Hard drugs are typically allowed and explicit sex references along with detailed sexual activity are permitted. Gory and sadistic violence is usually permitted and sexual violence (unless eroticized or particularly graphic) is frequently allowed.

Generally speaking, a lot of these ratings don’t really apply to my short film as it contains no drugs or sexual references. However, there is probably about one or two swears which was added in by the actors improvisation, which means my film probably wouldn’t be a PG as it is used in an aggressive light. The murder scene in my film isn’t particularly graphic so I don’t feel that it would be awarded a 15 or 18 rating. As the violence occurs out of aggression and leads to murder, I don’t feel that the rating would be suitable as a U or PG. With both of these factors combined I would place my film in the 12A rating, as nothing is particularly gory and therefore may be suitable with parental guidance.


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