Poster Creation

After looking over my initial poster research, I realised there were a few things I had neglected to consider when planning the lay out of my poster. I will need to shift the billing block up a little to leave room for the following aspects that I had found out during my research.

First of all, the website of the film is always shown underneath the billing block which is typically followed by the Twitter hashtag so that audiences can keep up to date with the films release. I haven’t come across a poster that reveals the films Facebook page name, so I won’t include this in my poster as I don’t want to risk my poster looking unprofessional. Underneath as you can see vaguely, the website and hashtag is shown underneath the release date of the film which is in bold.



Again, in very poor focus, it is clear that there’s a lot more symbols at the bottom of the poster. For both posters, there is an age rating to the left of the poster which is something that I will have to include in mine, meaning that I will also have to research into what is suitable to show for each age group. There are also idents on the bottom to give credit to those who contributed a great deal and also financially to the production of the film. The number of idents shown may increase if the film was made on a lower budget and not from a member of the big six. Also, on the second poster, the Lottery ident is shown which may be due to their contribution towards the films release. There is also a reference to the film quality the screening will be in, such as ‘IMAX’ or ‘Dolby Digital’, which are presented with their corresponding logos.

After looking at short film posters, there are fewer idents shown, but more awards are noted on the poster. I will also include some awards on my poster to make it look more authentic to looking like an actual short film poster. It also mentions the creators name at the top, rather than a ‘directed by’ statement.

I will work on including these factors in the production of my poster to ensure that it looks like a professional and authentic short film poster.


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