Filming – Day 3

This evening, I finished recording the final parts of my film. We started filming the shots of Andrew getting out of his car and walking into the house, but it was so dark that these shots weren’t really clear through the screen of the camera. I did however manage to film a dolly shot as he walks up to the house, as the scene is lit by the outdoor lights.

I then filmed Helen sat on the sofa having the phone conversation that basically reveals the issues that her and Andy were having. This went really well as Helen was quite natural in front of the camera and therefore made it seem very realistic. At the end, I then asked her to hang up the phone and make it seem as though she heard Andy coming through the front door.

I then began to film some shots of him walking into and through the house. I filmed each action from many angles, so that I could create match on action and add another sense of continuity to my film. I feel like this went really well, and I made sure to fully film each angle, rather than to the point where I knew I would cut it. This is so all of the shots would be usable if any of the others didn’t work properly. The lighting in the house was bright enough that everything could be seen clearly, which was a huge bonus since it was so dark outside. When walking through the house, I had Andrew ask ‘where are you?’, to suggest the unloving relationship between him and his wife. He then walks into the living room and convincingly says ‘oi, are you deaf?’. Luckily both are very good actors and made the scene look a lot more realistic.

Most of the argument was improvised, which I felt made it more fluid and natural. I made sure to film each bit multiple times and I think I filmed plenty of footage, so that when it comes to editing I won’t be stuck with not having any decent shots to use. Both actors were very good and it almost got quite tense on set because it was so realistic. Then, when it came to film the murder scene I executed it exactly as I had planned to do. I think it went quite well but I won’t be able to tell until I get back to school, as I couldn’t really reverse the shot on the play back feature of the camera.

Once I had packed the equipment away, I realised I hadn’t filmed any shots of the fire and the metal fire tools. I also hadn’t filmed a close up of the shovel hitting the woman’s head. So, I unpacked the equipment and made sure to film plenty of each shot.

Overall, I think it went quite well. I mate sure to be meticulous with my filming to have having to re-film anything. Hopefully, everything has turned out well and that it is in keeping with the tone of my film already established.


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