Editing – V4

To finish off my film, I just needed to add in the final scene. I did this by importing the footage the same as I did earlier. I put the shots in, following the shot list I’d wrote before my second day of filming. The first few parts of this scene went in quite nicely and was in keeping with the dramatic tone of the film, and I was really pleased how I’d overlapped the wife’s speech with the action of Andy getting out of the car. I also liked the sequence of him walking through the house, and I feel with a bit of refinement it could look quite effective. My biggest issue was with the argument, and it became clear that I hadn’t filmed enough full conversations (the same issue as my first day of filming) and struggled with making it continuous. I tried to create some sound bridges with the dialogue to make my film look more intricate, but again I will need to spend more time making sure it runs smoothly. I haven’t put in any music yet but I think this will help with the tension of the final scene. Here’s my rough cut of the final scene added onto the main part of my film:


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