Enhancing Poster

I was a little concerned that my poster was starting to look a little dull once I’d added all of the titles and awards etc, so I wanted to change the settings of the photograph so that it stood out a little more.



First I played around with the ‘curves’ of the photo, altering what colours should be made more or less intense. I quite like the effect of this and makes it look very dramatic, which would be found frequently on thriller genre posters. However, I feel that it makes Andy look a little faint in the background. The cabbage leaves also looks very blue and unnatural.


The exposure determines how light or dark a picture will appear. Although the exposure of the poster has only been enhanced a little, I think it looks quite a bit better. Still, the green of the cabbage looks unnatural.


Increasing the brightness and contrast has also helped to lift the look of poster and to make it stand out a bit. I will need to make a new layer for the leaves as their colour looks very unnatural, and by making a new layer I will be able to change the settings of the photograph without changing the colours of the leaves.


I then messed about with the tones and colours in the poster a little more to reduce to blueness of the leaves. I am very pleased with how the colouring has turned out. However, I still felt like my poster was missing something. When I started initially thinking about my poster, I thought I could include a faded image of the wife in the background to ensure that all of the main characters were visible. So, that’s just what I did. I took a photo of Helen just on my phone, and downloaded it onto the computer.


I then cut around the image using the highlighter button to remove the background of the picture.

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-15-31-47 screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-15-31-57 I then just altered the opacity of the image so it was more faint, thus creating the ghostly image on my poster.


I then added a few more logos to the bottom of my poster, such as the national lottery symbol as they fund several shot films, and also a drawing of a wave to represent the logo of the production company ‘Open Water Pictures’.

54b3ec70c6049  lottery-logo

And now, my poster is complete!



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