Review Creation

To make my review look as realistic as possible, I followed the format of a pre-existing empire article for The World’s End. I chose this review as it was one of the longer ones as was my review, and the layout looked simple to follow. It also had room for a lot of writing which meant that I could cover my film in great detail, just as Empire magazine does.


I started the review with the picture as this required the least amount of work but also takes up the most space, meaning that I would be able to work around it. I chose to use a screenshot from my film that showed Andy working in the garden, without giving away too much of the plot before reading the review.screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-09-56-04 I then went on to add more of the structural elements, such as the arrows and bar at the top of the page. I chose to add in the more structural features before adding in the writing so I knew how much space I had to fit my writing into.screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-10-05-47

Once I’d added in the main bits, I started writing the little introduction part that is featured in all Empire articles, basically explaining who is in the film and a brief synopsis of what it’s about. This is to give people a taster for the review so they can decide whether or not they’d like to read it. To make sure the colours are the same as those used in the official magazine, I used the ink tool on Pixelmator to select the colour from that section on the picture of the magazine I had uploaded, and then selected for the writing to be that colour. I also added in the ‘look closer’ section. There were no shapes like this on the software, so I had to create my own using a rectangle and a triangle, then grouping the shapes together. Iscreen-shot-2016-12-07-at-10-03-54

I wanted to make sure I had chosen the exact font, or the closest I could get to it, to make sure my review looked as authentic as possible. I typed the name of the film into DaFont, a free font download website, and scrolled through the Sans Serif fonts. I then came across one that looked quite similar to the one used in Empire called Bebas Neue, so I downloaded this and installed it into the Mac. However, the font didn’t initially show up in Pixelmator, so I had to quit the software and turn it back on again. Fortunately this worked so I was able to add this font into my poster.


I used this font for the ‘IN CINEMAS’ in the arrow at the top of the review as I felt it looked quite similar.


I then continued to add in the rest of the blocks, arrows and the writing at the bottom of the page using the two fonts I had researched. To create the arrow to be the right size, I needed to press the ‘make editable’ button, as it was too long when the arrow at the bottom of the page was shorter and fatter.

The writing at the bottom of the page saying ‘over 14,000 reviews online’ was really difficult to find as the number 4 was dropped below the writing. After spending a lot of time trying to find this font, I decided to choose a font that looked similar in all other aspects as I simply couldn’t find one with the lowered 4. I used a font called Dream Orphans as it had the gothic text style that replicated the font in Empire. Then, in Pixelmator, I was able to change the size and position of the number 4, making it look realistically like the magazine.

Once I had put in all the shapes and the basic writing in place, I then went onto finding the right font for the body of the review. I found many fonts but none that were exactly alike. Then, when adding the font into Pixelmator from WordPress, I realised that the font used in WordPress, called Georgia, was perfect and looked very similar. I then put each section of the review into different sections so it fit in the available space. I made sure to leave a big enough gap between the middle two rows of text, so that there was space for the fold if it were a real two page spread. I then lined them all up so that they looked neat and orderly. Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.33.33.png

I created the ‘verdict’ section using the Dream Orphans font for the title and the Steelfish font for the writing as I felt that it looked quite similar. Then I added in the stars using the pre-set shapes in Pixelmator.

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 15.38.37.png

I’m really pleased with the final out come of my review, and I feel that through closely following the format of the Empire magazine gave me a clear view of what to create.


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