Exam Answers

Patrick – Consider the particular challenges to regulation posed to digital media (Jan 2013 B). https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/49745774/posts/1431241814 

Digital media allows instant access and can by pass regulations. A game changer. Piracy allows cinema regulation to be avoided (even before regulation takes place) Piracy is normalised (e.g. Putlocker). People want to choose their own entertainment so pirated Hate Crime. Denying a certificate creates ‘forbidden fruit’ mentality – people want to watch it and can do so through online platform. DRM (digital rights management) – prevented people watching films etc on other devices.

Lily – Evaluate arguments for and against stronger regulation of the media (Jan 2011 A). https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/49745745/posts/1424087878

More effective for some platforms than others. Cinema has a physical gatekeeper. DVDs/games are out of control once purchased (or can be bought online). VOD only have to enter DOB (not necessarily correct).

Balance – FOR and AGAINST

Human centipede 2 – regulated and rejected (doesn’t need stronger regulation)

Woman in Black – too disturbing so may require stronger regulation.

GTA – played by younger audiences than certificate. Boy that stabbed Spanish teacher

Vicky- Explain the arguments for stricter media regulation (Jan 2013 A). https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/49794646/posts/1432040441

Stricter media regulation needed due to hypodermic needle theory. Copy cat crimes such as Hungerford massacre (Rambo)

Films can be taken out of context on DVD so need a higher certificate.

DVD regulation is not effective past point of purchase – age certificate can be ignored. Piracy allows anyone to watch any film without regulation e.g. Putlocker

Grand Theft Auto III- people argue that young children should not be playing these types of games but the advertisement was on social media, and you only have to be 13 to be on the sites. Media effects theory (hypodermic needle) – how people think the media can influence ones actions, therefore, video games could influence violent behaviour.

Some films also link to these arguments so some films are rejected by the BBFC for societies protection e.g. Hate Crime

‘We need stricter media regulation’ Discuss. (June 2012 A) https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/49745738/posts/1431439440

Society and media have evolved over time – desensitisation. Children can now be exposed to moderate swears and mild nudity. Either too relaxed or too strict to begin with

Gatekeeper for cinema and DVD – some people are still permitted under age

Hate Crime – banned because it may harm society

Human centipede 2 – influences copy cat behaviour

Hatred – shoot people in power. no other objective apart from murder

Media Effects theory -how media can affect society and how society affects media -media has both powerful and limited effects on the audience. depends on a situation. more media – more to choose from. media = socialising influence stricter regulations on media would lead to less of society seeing harmful content – less chance of moral panic and a more dangerous society that is influenced heavily by media (like it was in 1920s-1940s)

As society changes the need for media regulation changes (June 2016 B) https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/49745754/posts/1432041169

Media content changes as society does. Games become more graphic with technology – more realistic.  Moving image films were initially a couple of minutes long, often depicting real life, so didn’t warrant being regulated.  But as they became films that told a story, and film-making technology improved, allowing more realistic footage to be created, a need was realised for some form of regulation; this led to the creation of the BBFC in 1912. Society’s tolerance has changed. piracy is normalised

  • Films
    • BBFC and cinema regulation – Cinemas – physical gate-keeper
    • realism and detail of films has increased over time thanks to developments in film-making software
    • public demand for more violent films, e.g war films – they’re popular so companies make them knowing they are going to sell
    • people like to watch films with violence, gore and sex –  this is now commonplace and no longer deemed unacceptable
    • more swearing in films as it creates realism – no longer deemed unacceptable
    • directors like to push the limits and try to shock audiences
      • ‘Hate Crime’
      • ‘Human Centipede 2’
      • ‘Woman in Black’
    • Piracy is normalised in society
  • Video games
    • PEGI and game regulation
    • games have become more realistic and graphic thanks to advances in game-making technology
    • there is a demand for more violent games, war games in particular, eg.
      • ‘CoD: Black Ops III’
    • games now also have stories and are more immersive
      • ‘GTA V’
    • Companies want to push limits and shock
      • ‘Hatred’
    • Realism increasing – intentions are not known
      • Anders Breivik


Discuss the need for media regulation (June 2010) Molly

Children shielded from adult content

Some media regulatory practices are more effective than others (June 2013 A) Ben

The control of mass media – regulated my non governmental bodies. Protect society at large – especially children. Effective at point of purchase (cinema) required ID. Out of control when at home. Lack of concrete regulation – accessed without identification

Assess the arguments against the regulation of media (June 2016 A) Tom

rtainment. Its restricted but protects younger people.

To what extent is it becoming more difficult to regulate media and why (June 2012 B)

Increasing use of internet makes regulation less effective. Digital purchases, online downloads and piracy. In 2009 82% thought BBFC was effective                                                                                                                                                                                                                     What extent can the media be regulated in the digital age?  (Jan 2011 B)

Easier to acess films online

To what extent is contemporary media regulation more or less effective than previous times (June 2010 B) https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/49745736/posts/1430337824

Stricter in the past. Less effective now due to internet


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