I have struggled quite a bit with finding actors for my film since there are so many roles that I need to cast. Here is how I have gotten along so far, and will need to do quite a bit of thinking in order to try and get enough actors that can be where I need them to be on the days that I film.



The role of Andy will be played by my step father, Andrew. I felt like he would play the lead role well as he has a friendly character and does actually take an interest in taking care of his gardens. Mainly, however, I live with him and therefore it will be really easy for me to use him in my film and to get into contact with him. He has no acting experience, but since my film mainly features basic dialogue I don’t think this will be a problem.



The role of Helen will be played by my mum, Helen. Although she doesn’t have a typically aggressive personality, I feel like she will be able to pull off the argument scene in a couple of takes. I decided to use her in my film as again I live with her, so I will be able to talk to her whenever I need help with my filming, and also she is married to Andrew so will have the chemistry needed to portray a married couple.


I am yet to find an actress to play Debbie, I am currently considering having the actress who walks the dog to play both of these roles as this could be a likely situation. These roles will be played by Eileen, my grandmother. It will be easy to use my grandma and granddad in my film as they live together and therefore they can travel to the filming location together.



I can easily get in contact with my Grandparents, so my Grandad will play the role of the man who knocks over the watering can. If I struggle to find other actors, he will also have to be the man who briefly says hello to Andy at the start.

At the minute I am a little unsure as to how my lack of actors will affect my filming, but I am staying hopeful that I will be able to make it work somehow.