Critical Perspectives in Media Exam

To help our understanding of the exam before we get into the theory side of it, we were shown an example exam paper from 2012.


The first page gives the same instructions as any usual exam paper, and I’ve highlighted the most important bits so that when I come to prepare for the exam I’ll know what to expect. The exam lasts 2 hours and the frond advises that my time is equally split between both section A and B, therefore I shall spend an hour on each. It also explains that both parts of section A are to be answered, but only one question from section B.


Section A stays pretty similar throughout each year’s exam, and the only aspects that really change are the parts that I’ve drawn brackets around. I’ve then written on the exam the variations of questions, so that I can prepare for every eventuality in the hope of achieving the best grade possible.  In question 1(a), I will need to talk about my AS and A2 coursework, as well as any other filming tasks I have taken part in to help answer the question. For question 1(b) I am only to refer to either my AS coursework OR my A2 coursework.


For section B, there are 12 questions to chose from, however since there is only limited time in the year we will only be focussing on the contemporary media regulations section in bold. To answer one of these questions, I will need to refer to case studies involving both film and video games which have been released in the past five years. This question also involves film and video game regulations in history, the current day and how this may change in the future.