Creating Billing Block

To start bulking out my poster and to make it look more like a realistic film poster, I decided to create the billing block to start to see it come together. To start with, I looked for fonts online that would be suitable for the writing. I initially came across one called SF movie poster that I thought looked like a typical billing block. screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-14-54-52

However, on further research I came across a font that did part of the work  for my. It’s called Steel Tongs, and each lowercase letter corresponds with a part of the billing block, such as ‘directed by’ or ‘produced by’. Then, by typing in caps lock I could fill in the rest.


First of all, I opened up a Pages document and typed out all of the alphabet in lower case, so that I could see which part of the billing block belonged to which letter to save time. I initially created it in a really large font so that I could see everything clearly, and filled out the billing block just as I had when I was planning my poster. I then reduced the size, and put it into three lines all of equal length.


I then copied this into my Pixelmator project and changed the font colour to white so that it was more visible. The only large font sizes available were 280 and 140, which as you can tell have quite a large difference in size and neither were appropriate. To rectify this, I turned the text into a shape so that I could just drag it to the right size. I did this by pressing the ‘convert into shape’ button. I then dragged the shape to my desired position and changed the colour so that it was legible on the dark background.


I think by adding the billing block, my poster is beginning to look like the ones from my research which I’m really pleased with! I think once I get the title in and other bits of writing it’ll look quite effective.