Choosing a Font

To make sure my poster looks as professional as possible, I need to choose a font that both suits the plot of my film and its genre. Pixelmator doesn’t really offer a great deal of fonts, so I decided to look on DaFont to find one, as it has a much greater selection. I didn’t really have a starting point as I chose not to do any font research in preparation for editing, as it all depended on the tone of my film and the picture taken for my poster which could have easily changed throughout the process, which it did.

I went onto DaFont and started scrolling down the list. The first one I saw was a leafy type one which I thought suited the style of my film as it’s based around an allotment and plants. I downloaded it as I have done every other font, and opened up a text box in Pixelmator. I then typed in the title and turned the text into a shape so that I could drag it to the right size and position. I decided to put in the actors credits in at the top to help get a feel for the font style.


Although it suits the gardening theme of the short film, I don’t really think it looks typical to a professional film poster, as it’s a bit cartoony.

After talking to my peers, we decided that a tall and thin font might suit the poster quite well. I looked on DaFont for a bit, and came across one called House Plant. I added this into Pixelmator and converted it into a shape to that I could make it thinner and taller like I had imagined. Here is what it looked like:


Again, I feel like there is something missing from it. It still doesn’t look like how I’d imagine a typical film poster to look and therefore I’ll need to look for something else that’s more professional looking.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 10.22.54.png

I then came across a font named The Soul, which I thought looked more like a typical film posted as it was a bit more plain and less cartoony. Once I’d put it into Pixelmator, I could instantly tell it wasn’t the one, I thought it came across as a bit retro and didn’t suit the theme of my film at all.

As I wanted to get to work with the rest of my poster, I put in a font from Pixelmator in its place so that I could work around it. The font I put in was called Steel Tongs and here’s how it looked.


I then saw that this font was exactly what I was looking for. It was plain but still effective and I thought it really suited my poster.