Music Research

For my film, I will need to include different types and sounds of music to get across different moods. To find an appropriate style of music, I will look on Audio Network as it has a huge library of free, royalty free music that I can easily access. I also need to find some more daunting music to help build up tension and a sense of panic. I will also need to find some dark sounding music for the final scene where the murder takes place.


My favourite piece for the jolly music ‘Resignation’ as it has a really gentle pace but is also quite uplifting, which is exactly the kind of style I’m going for.

I quite like all of the darker music, and I feel that now I’ve got a collection of music pieces to use I can decide which one suits my film best when it comes to editing. A dark piece of music will be essential to my film because without it, it would be difficult to create a dark tone to my film.

I feel like this has been a really helpful piece of research, as it will save me a lot of time when editing.