Prop List

A prop list needs to be created so that I will remember everything that is essential to filming. If I forget any of these items, may film may not make sense and thus I will have to waste time on the day either rushing to find something or spending time trying to think up other items. Through creating a prop list, I will be able to pack everything into my car the night before and I will be able to tick off things as I have packed them.

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Props List and Costumes

In order to ensure that our filming runs as smoothly as possible, we needed to create a props list so that we don’t forget anything that would be essential. We will source these props from various places, and hopefully we will not need to purchase any other items.

  • Makeup- Maddy will provide this. Our main character will use the makeup when getting ready for the plumber coming. Maddy will provide the makeup for herself so that the colouring suits her and she knows how to apply it smoothly.
  • Hair straighteners- Megan will provide these as we are filming at her house and she already owns some, and thus it wouldn’t be necessary to bring any to her house.
  • Mirror- Megan will provide this as she has multiple mirrors around her home and they are too fragile to transport.
  • Candles- Megan will provide these as she has multiple already in her house.
  • Candle lighter- Megan also owns one of these so it would be unnecessary for anyone else to bring a lighter. We will use a larger one designed for cooking so that it is simpler for Maddy to light the candles.
  • Strawberries and bowl- I will provide these as we typically have strawberries at home which would save anyone else buying some if they weren’t going to get eaten. I will also provide the bowl as I have a collection of appropriately sized bowls.
  • Mobile phone- I will provide this as Maddy’s phone has a smashed front screen and therefore ‘Darren’s’ profile wouldn’t be clearly visible through the camera.
  • Yellow pages- Sourced from a teacher at school as none of us own one. Luckily she gave us this prop for free so we were able to save money. We will use the yellow pages as they aren’t frequently seen in this modern era so it would add a sense quirkiness to our main character.
  • Fluffy pen- I will provide this. We thought using a fluffy pen would enforce the abnormal nature of the main character, as fluffy pens usually connote childish nature. This perhaps suggests that our character has a childish personality, which will seem especially strange when contrasted with her behaviour in the film.

We also needed to plan what outfits the actors in our film would wear to make their character more realistic. If they wore their normal clothes, the plot of the film would not be as believable and our finished film wouldn’t look very professional.

Maddy will be wearing a tight black dress. This is because tight dresses have sexual connotations and we wanted our character to look like she was trying to seduce the plumber. She will also wear a red cardigan as red has connotations of lust and sexual desire, which suggests that she is trying to seduce Darren.

The plumber will be wearing overalls, as this is typically what plumbers wear. I will be wearing bulky Doc Martains as these look similar to work boots, as it would be far too expensive to purchase actual work boots.