Shot List


  1. There is a close up of a plant leaf blowing in the wind
  2. Distorted shot of water flowing from a watering can
  3. Shot through leaves of a man tending to his allotment
  4. Cut to over the shoulder shot of a man admiring rosettes on a pin board
  5. Close up of a news paper article with the title ‘best marrows at the show’ showing a picture of the man looking at it
  6. Sound bridge of a friendly conversation which cuts to the elderly man and a woman talking about the competition shown in the news paper
  7. Two shot of them talking as the camera pans around them
  8. As they are talking, someone in the background plucks at a leaf from one of his plants
  9. Focus pull between the woman and the person in the background, a high pitch ring is heard in the background
  10. The woman calls his name, the ringing stops and she comes back into focus
  11. As they continue to talk, another person says hello to him and walks away (We begin to see how friendly he is)
  12. As the woman leaves she asks when she’ll see him again, he responds that he’s always there
  13. There is a series of shots of him tending to his garden
  14. Mid shot of him sat in a camping chair reading a magazine entitled ‘Gardeners Weekly’
  15. Close up of a gardening technique article
  16. Transition of him applying this technique to his garden e.g.  Propping his plants up with bamboo sticks
  17. Close up which shows him attaching a plant to a bamboo stick
  18. Over his shoulder we see a boy approaching, he accidentally knocks over one of the old mans tools
  19. There is a high pitched ringing as there is an extreme close up of the elderly mans face looking angry, distorted we can hear the boy apologising
  20. A steady cam shot which is out of focus follows him as he turns around as he rushes up to the boy and angrily pushes him away from his allotment
  21. He picks up his tools and re arranges them, calming himself as he does so, the focus of the shots returns to normal
  22. Low angled shot as he smiles to himself having re organised his tools
  23. Whilst doing this, we hear a woman in the background calling a dogs name
  24. There is a close up of a dog digging in the mans allotment
  25. The high pitch ringing noise starts again as he turns around to see the dog and the man, the shot is out of focus
  26. The sound distorted, the old man begins to shout at the dog, the camera intermittently cuts to black and back to normal
  27. The frequency of shots pick up as the old man becomes more nervous, including close ups of his forehead sweating and his hands trembling
  28. The ringing noise stops and the pace slows down, we see the man and his dog rushing away from the allotment and people around staring at him
  29. The man is flustered, there is a mid shot of him calming himself down
  30. Once he has collected himself, the camera follows him as he collects his tools and returns to the spot where the dog was digging
  31. There is an extreme close up of a finger sticking out of the soil with a ring on it
  32. A flash back cuts to a graphic match follows of the same finger with a ring on it, a close up shows the woman removing it and giving it to the man.
  33. There is a shot reverse shot of the woman proclaiming ‘you spend more time at this allotment than you do at home’
  34. As she turns to walk away, there is a point of view shot which is blurred, the high pitch ringing begins
  35. We see the man pick up his shovel and follow behind her
  36. The action flickers between a black screen, over the woman’s shoulder we see him raise his shovel
  37. Camera flicks to black and we hear her scream in pain
  38. The credits appear on screen